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Annie Mary Duthie of Succoth Farm, Arrochar The inscription reads: -


Loving Memory Of


Beloved wife of


of Succoth Farm

Died 27th March 1960

Aged 60 Years

The Above


Died 28th April 1985

Aged 87 Years


This is the gravestone of Annie Mary Duthie and James Paterson - parents of Frances - by Frances McLean (nee Duthie)

My Mother, Annie Mary Duthie, was  born on 3rd October 1900. She was the daughter of a fisherman from Rosehearty by Fraserburgh. They travelled to the Isle of Coll and set up a house there as the fishing was better on the west coast.

It was here she met my Dad, a farmers son, born on Coll on 25th May 1897. The Paterson family had come to Coll in 1860 from Beith where they had previously been miners so a move to Coll, which was by horse and cart, was quite an under-taking. They remained on Coll until 1952. Dad's teacher was keen for him to study for accountancy as he had a natural bent for figures (which he kept right up until his death) but his father needed him on the farm so he left school at 13.

James PatersonWhen the first world war broke out he went with his friend to enlist in the Black Watch, at the recruitment centre. The lines to join the Black Watch were long and they were shifted to another line and ended up in the Royal Navy. When Dad had a few “wee haufs” he would sometimes speak of these days. He served on a minesweeper in Scapa Flow. Unfortunately his friend never made it home; he was shot for falling asleep on night watch thereby putting the whole ship in danger. Changed days indeed. His discharge papers give him “Very Good” conduct. At the end of the war he returned to Coll.

He married Mum on 14th June 1928 and they moved to Ardachy Farm in Benderloch where Mary Margaret (May), John George Alan (Johnie) and Alexander Charles James (Charlie) were born. They returned to Coll on the death of his father and Annie Joyce (Nan) and Frances Duthie were born there.

He was made a Justice of the Peace and remained so until at the age of 73 (as was required by law) when he became a reserve J.P. which he was until his death.

The family left Coll in 1952 and came to farm on Succoth Farm. The change from making butter and cheese to sheep farming must have been quite a feat at the age of 55!

He continued working until his death and is still remembered as “Grandpa” by all who knew him.

His code for life was honesty, integrity and respect for your fellow man and nature.

Mum and Dad- A good lady and a fine man. Fran, Nan and May.

Certificate of Service


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