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Abyssinia - The start of our trail.


Abyssinia is an old ruined house about two miles up the Kinglas Glen from Butterbridge to Loch Sloy. Abyssinia is supposed to be haunted. Some time ago there was a family, Johnston, who stayed at Butterbridge. When they were children the house of Abyssinia was used for storing hay and animal feeds. When at Abyssinia the Johnston children used to play in the loft and they would often hear an old lady calling on her hens. The children thought nothing of this as they were quite used to the strange voice. Ruins of Abyssinia Cottage

One morning at Butterbridge, early in the morning, there was a terrible hammering at the door. It was a one legged tramp who was in a terrible state. It appeared that the tramp had tried to spend a night in Abyssinia cottage but the old lady kept disturbing his sleep, so in the end he hopped all the way down to Butterbridge.


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