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Ardlui is a picturesque village at the top of Loch Long approximately 12 miles from Tarbet along the A82. The Ardlui Hotel and Marina are familiar landmarks. Ardlui, Loch LomondArdlui school was in use from 1855 until 1942. The first school seemed to be somewhere at the end of Stuckindroin Farm, it was only opened in the winter months.

The School was known as Burnside Cottage. In 1911 the school was moved to neared Ardlui station. The construction of the West Highland Railway had increased the number of families living in Ardlui.


In the 20s scholars were transported down to Tarbet when they became 12 yrs old. By 1933 the role had dropped to 5 and all pupils were taken to Tarbet The school closed at this point. However by 1940 the roll had increased again due to the influx of evacuees and it was considered to be cheaper to re-open the school than pay transport costs. It re-opened until 1944 when it closed for good. Over the years of the school being opened there were several teachers. 

Ardlui Church was built in 1895 to serve Shepards and construction workers involved with the building of the West Highland Railway.