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Glencroe - Arrochar


This is the valley heading out of Arrochar and past Ardgarten. Here is the small village of Glen Croe.  Glencroe is a popular spot for climbers. The main occupation of the residents was farming.Glen Croe


From the late 1800's to the late 1900's there was a small primary school in Glencroe. Over the years it was located in three different sites.

Glencroe would have been at one time the main drove route for bringing cattle from the West to the lowland market towns. When the soft ground was made into a military road its surface would have been stones, after this period drovers would probably taken the cattle up from Butter Bridge through between Beinn Liubhean and Beinn Ime which became known as the Pass of the Market or Fair. This route would have brought the travellers down the side of the Sour Milk burn at the site of the Range.




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