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Succoth, Arrochar

Travelling Shire Bridge and Succoth Burndown towards Arrochar is the Ashtree Burn. Early in the twentieth century the Hendry family that lived at Fascadail let their house out to summer visitors, during these months they themselves live in a houseboat, which was anchored in Loch Long just off the Ashtree Burn. In the year 1926 there was a great storm and the houseboat was sunk with many of the families valuables, silverware etc. Neither the boat, nor the valuables have been recovered.

Beyond this point at the entrance to Succoth a large scar runs up the face of Ben Narnain. This was known locally as the Boggy Track. It is the remnants of a ratchet type railways used to take men and equipment up the hill during the construction of the Loch Sloy Hydro Electric Dam.

Early in the twentieth century Succoth Cottage, Succoth Farm and the three Steel Houses made up Succoth.


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