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Arrochar & Tarbet Railway Station


The Arrochar and Tarbet station is located on the popular West Highland Way. Work started on the railway at Arrochar and Tarbet in 1889. Arrochar and Tarbet StationIt opened in the 1894 with a service that ran from Glasgow to Fort William in a mere five and a half hours. The station building, the seventh on the route heading North, was a fine structure of brick and shingle cladding imported from Switzerland featuring bay windows and open fires for the waiting passengers. There was also a bookstall on the station.


One of the unique features of this part of the railway was the 'Push And Pull' type train that worked this route. There were two such locos - C15 67640 and C15 67474. They pulled two coaches. The train was stabled overnight at the Arrochar Station where courting couples would frequent the stationary train often referred to as 'The Railway Hotel'.


Today the station building has gone and there remains but a small platform.




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