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Configuring Internet Explorer

Setting the internet options in Internet Explorer will ensure that your browser accepts cookies correctly, and does not store previously-visited web pages, such as the login screens. The example below uses Internet Explorer 6

To correctly configure Internet Explorer, we need to set the available options for security, page caching and cookies. Run Internet Explorer and click on the TOOLS menu at the top (see figure 4)

Figure 4: Locating the TOOLS menu

This will expand to show the available options. Click on the INTERNET OPTIONS entry near the bottom (see figure 5)

Figure 5: Locating the INTERNET OPTIONS entry


We are now faced with the INTERNET OPTIONS dialogue box. The first part of this that we come to, under the GENERAL tab, is where we set our caching options. These can be found in the center of the dialogue box, in the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES section. To access these, click on the SETTINGS button (see figure 6)

Figure 6: Locating the cache settings


One of the most important, and most overlooked functions of Internet Explorer is how the cache is set. While caching files may speed up web browsing, it is more often a hinderance rather than a help. To prevent viewing old, out-of-date pages that are stored in your computer's cache, click on the option marked Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every visit to the page (see figure 7). Now, click on the OK button to return to the INTERNET OPTIONS dialogue box

Figure 7: The cache settings

Next, we need to configure the cookie settings, to allow the Control Panel to set login cookies so that we can actually log in. On the INTERNET OPTIONS dialogue box, click on the PRIVACY tab at the top. You will now see the privacy options (see figure 8). The diagram below shows the default settings.

Figure 8: The Privacy Tab

We need to configure these options more than the defaults, so we need to click on the ADVANCED button. This will give us more control over how cookies are handled.

We now see the ADVANCED PRIVACY SETTINGS dialogue box. Set it as shown below (see figure 9) and then click on the OK button

Figure 9: Advanced Privacy Settings

You have now successfully configured Internet Explorer