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Memories Of The Braeside Entertainers

By Heather Whitlock

One of the happiest memories from the sixties was being part of the Braeside Entertainers. Founded and run under the guidance of Mr McKinnon, no one was safe if Mr McKinnon thought you had a morsel of talent then you were in! We danced under the guidance of Merrill Robinson and we had singers, guitarists and a host of other talented people in The Braeside Entertainers. Every year foreign students would come from abroad and stay in one of the local hotels and we would give a concert for them and in return they would give a show for us – it was great fun.

We would go around the local area giving concerts. One that stands out in my memory was at Killin. We were performing our song and dance routine of “singing in the rain” and then suddenly the stage made a loud cracking sound and we dissolved into laughter. I can tell you there was not a dry eye on the stage, a wonderful night.  Our signature song and dance routine was “Happy Days Are Here Again”.

These are some of my memories from a wonderful time in our lives brought about by Mr Peter McKinnon’s dedication to us and the task to perform and give a good show for all to see and these pictures and words are to act as a tribute to a wonderful man, Mr Peter McKinnon, who made it all possible and who kept us all on “the straight and narrow path” for those of us in our youth and were growing up.  Perhaps you have memories of 'The Braeside Entertainers' or perhaps some thoughts and/or photos you would like to Share with me/us? I would love to receive any thoughts, pictures or reminisces from you?

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