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New->    Memories Of Caravanning At Ardgarten In The Fifties
Updated History Of The Range - added photos of the Range from April 2013

Scottish Maps
Dumbarton Man's Remarkable Legacy
Memories of The Braeside Entertainers
Touchscreen - a new page optimised for touch screen browsers plus new buttons
Memories Of The Tinsmith (The Tinkers Cross)
The History of the Honeymoon Bridge, A83
New online FORUM
Dig Morlaggan 2009
Updated Arrochar Primary School 1900-1950
Updated The People of Tarbet

History Of The Arrochar Youth Hostels
Updated How The Villages Grew

Switching  On The Electricity Supply in Arrochar 1948
Added 18 new pages to the Cemetery site with MacFarlane genealogy    
      Joint Winner of the Best Heritage Web Site by 'ForArgyll Awards' ! Click here to read more
 We've added all our Gallery images to a Picasa web based Gallery - View it here
The non-heritage Galleries have been moved to
Gallery of photos from Remembrance Day 9 Nov 2008
GALLERY of Tarbet Postcards (added 200 more cards!)
Programme Of Events Winter 2007/2008
Family History - The MacDougalls of Arrochar
History Of Arrochar House
Gallery of Tarbet Gala Day Sat 2nd Aug 2008
Nationwide Heritage Group Award Winners for 2008
1871 Census Records (complete)  Updated Gallery-Ardlui Postcards
1851 Census Records for Firkin, Inveruglas and Ardlui added
GALLERY of Ardlui Postcards
Heritage Trail > The Village Of Tarbet > Documents
GALLERY of Tarbet Postcards
GALLERY of Arrochar Postcards
Arrochar 1871 Census Records for Dumbarton Side added
Census Records (1841,51,61,71,81,91 and 1901)
MacFarlane Picture Gallery and Bob McClean's Picture Gallery
Old Arrochar Gallery 2 and Old Tarbet Gallery
GALLERY a collection of photographs
Opportunity Knocks 1970 featuring Tom Huxtable
Construction of the new A83 Rest And Be Thankful Road 1937-1941
Surveying High Morelaggana video
The Sale Of The Tarbet Estate 1954
Loch Sloy Hydro-Electric Scheme
Memories of The Lynwood Workshop
Memories Of The Tinsmith (The Tinkers Cross)
Winter Programme 07/08
Rivers At Worka video showing The Loch Sloy Hydro Electric Scheme
Memories Of A Country Practitioners Wife 1950-1978
Citizens Of Inverness     Memories Of The Observer Corps
Memories Of The Ardgarten Forest in the 1970's
Guest Book
The Glenloin Caves    Update August 2007
FRIENDS - become a Friend of the group by making a small donation
History Of The Arrochar And Tarbet Golf Course
The West Highland Railway Centenary 1994 a video
The Village Of Tarbet People
Unveiling The Navvies Memorial 1996 a video
Building Of The West Highland Railway  Loch Sloy Hydro-Electric
Ben Humble MBE 1903 - 1977

The Tyvechtican Shoot a video
Interviews   Stuckgowan & Loch Lomondside more videos
Loch Lomondside Tales  Village Of Arrochar Tales

The Pyle Family Of Tarbet
Arrochar & District - A Complete Guide by Ben H Humble
In Days Of Old a video of ladies on the Cobbler in 1958
Arrochar Cemetery  Arrochar Screen Test

A Cragsman's Day  a video of climbing the Cobbler in 1946
Arrochar Screen Test  a video of Arrochar people in 1949 !!
Ardlui Photos
Ben Humble       Updated Coilessan  Pictures, People and Tales

Updated Arrochar Cemetery
Updated Wartime
The History Of The Range

Videos    New->The West Highland Way (audio)
 The Climbers Of Arrochar

   We also added a  | What's New |  button to the home page

Plus we've added various images into the Heritage Trail Photos and People pages... too numerous to mention here!
We're also planning a quarterly EMAIL update - if you would like to receive this please send a blank email to and we'll add you to the list.


Winner of the Best Heritage Website in the 2008 awards December 2008 - as voted by you - the web site viewers
We're really pleased to say that The Heritage Group are Regional Winners of The Nationwide Community & Heritage Awards 2008.

And we won the joint first prize in the ForArgyll awards for the best Heritage Web Site - visit for more info...




Currently we are working on  'The History Of Farming In Arrochar and Tarbet', 'Arrochar Doctors' and 'The Arrochar Primary School 1950 onwards'. If you have any pictures or knowledge please contact us.

Please bookmark our site and return regularly. If you have any suggestions or pictures or stories etc. to Contribute please Telephone or Email Us - we'd love to add your contribution to the site. We can also provide a CDCD version of this site for people with no internet access. EMAIL US or call us if you would like to order one for someone.Click for Glasgow Weather Forecast

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